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We invited guitarist Brian Eschbach of The Black Dahlia Murder to guest on the podcast this week following the release of the band's latest ripper Abysmal. We talk about the new record, using a different producer to give their music a more organic sound, what life is like off the road, how the business of TBDM works, what their relationships with former members of the band are like and the keys to success of one of the top extreme metal bands going today.

The Atlas Moth's Stavros Gianopolis joins us for another edition of "Storytime With Stavros." This time he has a little help from another member of the band and explains why weed can be very bad for you, or at least lead to some intteresting predicaments on the road. We also talk about what happens to bands after they lose core members, inspired by Tom Araya's admission that Repentless was only "half of Slayer."

The Black Dahlia Murder - "The Fog"
Iron Maiden - "When the River Runs Deep"

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