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This week the legendary Max Cavalera joins us for our first ever live podcast interview. We took some time before his show in Austin to talk about his philosophy on metal, working with guests on his albums, the formation of a path for himself after Sepultura, coming back together with his brother after such a bad split, and how his children use their coping skills versus what he had to do as a young child growing up when his father died.

We also cover Jill Janus and the strange circumstances surrounding her split -- and subsequent return -- to Huntress, what mental illness looks like and why the metal world is accusing us of talking about her only because she is a woman. Can metal commentators help themselves from name-calling and shaming? Not so much, but the double standard may not be quite what some people say when compared to other people with similar problems.

Soulfly - "Live Life Hard!"
Abigail Williams - "Will, Wish and Desire"

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