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This week Doc Coyle jumps in to talk to us, not about Rejecting Our Sickness, but about his new project Vagus Nerve. We have never really "interviewed" Doc on the podcast, so we take the time to talk to him about leaving God Forbid, his relationship with his brother, the experience of being in a band outside of God Forbid for the first time, how moving from one coast to the other has affected his life and, more importantly, his dating life.

We also talk about the situation in Paris; this kind of tragedy can change the entire world, and we speculate about what it might mean to the music industry and live music. We are all vulnerable when we are out seeing live shows, and we never really think twice about it; but should we? If we change our practices at venues are the terrorists winning? Or have we been naive all along?

Vagus Nerve - "Do You Know Who I AM"
Hegemon - "Interpreting Signs for War:Aruspicine"

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