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We wrap up 2015 before the holiday break with our take on the Best Albums of 2015. We posted our lists a while back but we wanted to dedicate a full episode to the albums that turned us on all year. Initially it looked like there weren't going to be enough to cover fifteen records, but a slew of good albums came out in the final month. Hell, the number one album on our lists hasn't even been released yet!

We go a little more in depth on the albums that got under our skin and the ones that you might have missed, but really we just wanted to recognize the stellar achievements and great work so many people in the metal community have done all year. It's been a great year for metal and a great year for us. So thank you for listening and supporting us in so many ways; we appreciate you all sticking with the podcast and all of us at MetalSucks.

Cattle Decapitation - "Clandestine Ways"
Amiensus - "One In Spirit"
Deafheaven - "Brought to the Water"
Baroness - "Chlorine and Wine"

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