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James LaBrie of the legendary Dream Theater guests this week. We talk about their new album The Astonishing, the process surrounding making their most ambitious concept record to date, putting together an extensive live production for it, his relationship with fans, how he is able to adjust to touring vs. home life and whether the changing tide in the music industry effects the way he leads his life.

We also talk about VH1 Classic canceling That Metal Show and whether or not it signifies a turn away from metal music in the mainstream. If a major media company does not see the value in keeping metal and hard rock as part of their arsenal what could that mean for the genre as a whole? We also look at declining live ticket sales across the board as another possible indicator of where the last bastion of income for our artists may be headed; are we looking at the beginning of the end, or just a major shift in methodology?

Dream Theater - "The Gift of Music"
Holy Grail - "Crystal King"

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