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Dimmu Borgir guitarist and founder Silenoz is our guest this week. We discuss the writing process of the band's new record Eonian and the motivations behind it, how after eight years a new record becomes an event for fans, Dimmu Borgir's 20-plus year relationship with Nuclear Blast Records, the 15th anniversary of Death Cult Armageddon, his thoughts on eventual retirement after 25 years of doing this, and the experience of playing live with a 100-piece orchestra.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn tackle Apple's plans to discontinue digital downloads on iTunes, being forced into streaming as a consumer, how that could be good for physical product sales, and value versus convenience when it comes to art. Following Vince and Axl's recent video, we have our own debate about whether a new Guns N' Roses record will be any good, and Brandon gives his take on ageism in meaningful rock and metal lyrics.

Dimmu Borgir - “Interdimensional Summit”
Melvins - “Stop Moving To Florida”

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