The MetalSucks Podcast

Jake Bowen is our guest this week. The guitarist and multi-instrumental tells us all about Four Seconds Ago, his new electronic project with Periphery bandmate Misha Mansoor, from its formation to the differences in the creative process from his day job band to the need he felt to pursue that musical direction. We also spoke about Periphery's decision to start their own label (3 Dot Recordings), the large amount of demos and songs Periphery already have for their next album, the power of Pantera and Jake's MetalSucks article describing Dimebag’s solo on “Throes of Rejection,” his feelings on the band's recent Grammy nomination, and his thoughts on an attorney's use of a Periphery song in a trial of a woman who attacked three people with an axe.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn talk about the 96-year old Holocaust survivor singing death metal, David Gunn’s statement on changes to the King 810 lineup, the DC universe putting out metal songs and why that works better than it would for Marvel, and the passing of Metalocalypse director Jon Schnepp.

Four Seconds Ago - “Fadeaway”
Mantar - “Age of the Absurd”