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Scott Vogel of Terror is our guest this week. We discuss the rage behind the band's new album Total Retaliation, working with Producer Will Putney, why Terror shows are one of a kind, his least favorite Terror record, when reviewers don’t give records a fair shake, the importance of lyrics in hardcore, the difference between a fashion statement and the mentality of going against the grain, his passion for hip hop and the beauty of maintaining Terror for so long.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn give their thoughts on the recent departure of Phil Demmel and Dave McClain from Machine Head, Harm’s Way's gear getting stolen from a notorious parking lot in Las Vegas, Dave Grohl’s drinking habits and Brandon’s rage when the Cleveland Browns play.

Terror - “Mental Demolition”
Terror - “Spirit of Sacrifice”
Daughters - “The Reason They Hate Me”

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