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Big Business drummer Coady Willis is our guest this week. We discuss the band's new record The Beast You Are, the process of songwriting as a two piece throughout the years, the importance of current tour-mates Clutch in Big Business's career trajectory, how pulling double duty with the Melvins a few years back heavily influenced Mind The Drift and the important legacy of that band, and growing up in Seattle during the rise of grunge in the '90s.

Also this week, Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn tackle the three greatest rock and metal EPs ever released and parlay that into a discussion on EPs in general: why they are released? what can make them special? what makes the majority of them uninteresting to fans?

Bloodbath - “Weak Aside”
The Dillinger Escape Plan featuring Mike Patton - “Hollywood Squares”
Alice In Chains - “Rotten Apple”
Big Business - “Let Them Grind”

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