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That Metal Show co-host Don Jamieson is our guest this week. We talk about season fourteen of the show, how and why VH1 decided to put some metal into their programming line-up, who the best and worst guests have been and why they don't seem to offer much in the way of newer metal on the program.

Chuck and Godless talk about the weekend controversy with Dimebag Darrell's grave site desecration, the band or band member responsible for the act and why his apology probably won't fly in Texas.

MetalSucks Co-Founder Vince Neilstein jumps in to talk about his recent post on the major label acquisition of Century Media. What does it mean to metal in general, for other labels and for the bands on CM's roster? Could it be a good thing to dissolve yet another metal major, or does it signal a decline in metal overall?

Pantera - "5 Minutes Alone"
Melechesh - "Multiple Truths"

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