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Chuck and Godless invite Editor-in-Chief of Decibel Magazine Albert Mudrian onto the podcast to talk about the new version of his book Choosing Death, with updated chapters on the past decade of death and grind. Albert also speculates on the future of metal; where are we headed? what might be the next hot trend? is there even any room for that nonsense anymore?

Eyal Levi drops in again for another installment of One Minute to Midnight, the segment designed to let you hear new and unsigned bands try and make an impression on one of the best producers/engineers in the industry.

Chuck and Godless will be hosting a panel at SXSW called "The Art of the Interview" in which they'll discuss the process of, the work that goes into and how to conduct a decent interview. You'll get a brief preview of the panel's subject matter here after That Metal Show apparently gave Ted Nugent a pass on the tough questions.

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