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Otep Shamaya found herself at the center of controversy this week when her band pulled out of the upcoming Civil Unrest Tour -- also set to feature Ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists and Terror Universal -- because the singer of Terror Universal allegedly "violently grabbed my crotch on our last tour."

Since then, accusations have been flying every which way. Ill Nino and the tour's organizers both issued statements on the matter, as did the wife of Terror Universal's singer (although, interestingly, no one in the band has yet commented publicly), and Otep herself shared additional details via Twitter.

In this special edition of the MetalSucks Podcast, host Chuck Loesch speaks with Otep directly to clear up all the details surrounding the incident: what happened, when it happened, and what the future holds. Otep shares all sorts of new details about the incident, including the revelation that Dave Chavarri, a longtime personal friend of Otep's and the drummer for Ill Nino, is also the drummer AND manager of Terror Universal, creating a stark conflict of interest. 

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