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This week we interview Aaron Turner of Isis, Sumac, Mamiffer and Old Man Gloom. We discuss the end of Isis, his memories from the new live record, Live VII (out now on Ipecac), his journey with Hydra Head Records and his decision to release new music on the label after shutting it down in 2012, the recording process for the new Sumac record, and the art vs. business side of technology in music.

Brandon and Petar introduce the world to a new company called Jump into the Fired, tackle the comments made by Chino Moreno about not touring with Korn again, talk about the guy who was so angry at Suicide Silence he burned their album, and discuss pros and cons of retiring Nazi lyrics in the metal scene. 

Isis “Ghost Key” (Live)
With Our Arms To The Sun “Memory: The Drift”

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