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Neil Fallon of the mighty Clutch guests this week on your favorite metal podcast! In our interview with the singer, we talk in-depth about the 25 years of the band's history, how it might have just been a nice accident that they have lasted this long, the progression of their music through their career, his side projects Dunsmuir, The Bakerton Group, and The Company Band, dealing with the ever changing landscape of the music business as a band and, more recently, as the owner of the label Weathermaker Music, what the plan looks like for the next 25 years, and what you do when Lemmy gives you advice. Neil also tells us about the Clutch song they played every night for several years but now don't... and gives us details about his house!

We also discuss when musicians need to stop. Is there an age limit to the metal? Should bands who cannot do it anymore just finally give up and go home, or is there still a place in metal for the old guard? Vince‚Äôs editorial about Jason Newstead sparked the discussion about a musician's ability to make good music, be it with a distortion pedal or an acoustic guitar, after his or her prime. Once you are on the treadmill of the industry, do you have to keep running? Can you get off gracefully? How should a musician gauge when their time has passed? And who are we to judge???

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