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We grill this week's guest Trevor de Brauw of the mighty Pelican about taking a break from his job to do an interview, if he's learned anything from his time in the music industry to help his band's career, how cloth diapers effect his neighbors and if not having a singer means less band drama.

Chuck and Godless try and figure out why Metal, with a capital M, is getting less flak in the media lately when violent acts happen. We're not getting blamed for mass shootings, but we still have crazy dudes stabbing people and threatening politicians on Facebook. We also ponder a return to the kinder, gentler age of Fred Durst and Nu Metal; has Metal Hammer accidentally conjured that terrible time in metal just by shining a light on it? You hope so... for reals, yo!

Pelican - "The Tundra"
Cannabis Corpse - "The Inhalation Plague"

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