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Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel guests on the podcast this week. We talk about Phil's incredibly troubled childhood, from both of his parents dying at a young age to the severe anxiety problems he experiences to this day. Of course we talk about the new Whitechapel album as well. 

Chuck and Godless also talk about how Emmure caved to pressure by changing the title of one of the songs on the new record and whether that is a tell-tale sign of metal losing its balls; should we (the royal ‘metal’ we) be afraid of offending people? We also talk about SXSW and whether it's relevant for you or your band in general, musically, professionally or otherwise, and the most important thing to consider during the conference: tacos and beer.


Whitechapel – "The Saw is the Law"
Destrage – "My Green Neighbour"

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