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Our guest this week is Nick Schendzielos, bass player for deathcore heavyweights Job For a Cowboy. We talk about his new found work-out regimen, the songwriting process as a newer member of a band, how JFAC operates internally, his music listening styles and Ancient Aliens.

MetalSucks co-head-honcho Vince Neilstein drops in to add his two cents about the recent report from Billboard which found that no album released in 2014 has gone platinum, as well as other interesting data about record sales this year. He'll be writing on the topic more extensively later this week, so he gives us a preview and things to think about as you steal the latest albums off the internet.

Stavros Giannopoulos also adds his latest installment of "Storytime" with a harrowing tale of "eagle-man" and debauchery in the fine southern front of NOLA.


Job For A Cowboy - "Sun of Nihility"
At the Gates - "Death and the Labyrinth"

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