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Amos Williams, just one of the masterminds behind Tesseract sits down with us before their show in Austin, we talk about how a band can go through four vocalists when they only have two albums, whether or not Ashe O'Hara is the right fit for the band now, and how the past effects the future of this ground breaking band; also he just has a sexy accent, that goes a long way.

After Shane Blay said he can't quit Oh, Sleeper because he has it "tattooed on his chest," Chuck and Godless want to see your shittiest tattoos of a band, you know you have them so be ready to tweet them, or add them to the comments, and they try to figure out why you would even think about getting a band tattoo, if there is a circumstance where it makes sense to get your favorite act permanently added to your skin, probably not.


Tesseract - "Nocturne"

Conquering Dystopia - "Ashes of Lesser Men"



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