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Mlny Parsonz from Royal Thunder guests on the podcast with Chuck and Godless this week. We discover her surprising history with religion and spirituality, her theory on songwriting and life, her Jesus tattoos, how she's learned to look forward instead of linger on bad situations and what frightens her most about the world.

Doc Coyle joins for another segment of Rejecting the Sickness to talk about some of his latest musings in his new VH1 column. We hash out whether being a metal puritan is a real thing and if it's a liability to the genre as a whole.

Chuck can't seem to understand how neither Vince or Godless know that much about porn, or at least Mia Khalifa, one of the biggest female stars on PornHub right now. This of course after she popped up wearing a death metal t-shirt and gave us all a rise.

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