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Matt Harvey, mastermind behind the twenty-five-year history of Exhumed, guests this week. We talk about the re-recording of the classic album Gore Metal, how bands survive with so many lineup changes, and what his personal role was in shaping the band's history. We talk about growing up without much a metal scene, keeping death metal alive in the '90s and how his new project Gruesome is really a love letter to Chuck Schuldiner and old school Death.

Chuck and Godless also talk about the recent flap between ex-Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward and SharOz Osbourne. Is the responsibility on Ward to be in the best physical condition possible to remain with the band, or do Sabbath have an obligation to bring an original member along for the the ride despite the needs of an aging member?

Gruesome - "Trapped In Hell"
Gallows - "Leather Crown"

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