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This week we have another installment of One Minute to Midnight, our chance for unsigned bands to have their music listened to and critiqued by one of our prolific metal producer Eyal Levi. Two bands get 60 seconds each to impress or completely disappoint; you be the judge.

We invite MetalSucks contributor Crash Thompson to help us try and figure out if there is still an underground left. IMNs will of course tell you that there is, and you just can't see it because you aren't looking, but with all of the constant internet coverage of metal the word "underground" may just be a term from the days of old we use to describe crappy music.

We also discuss Ronnie Radke's recent alleged indiscretion. Should the court of public opinion be what determines a person's guilt or innocence? Finding the truth can be almost impossible, and in the recent case of the Warped Tour flap over some of their talent, a measured response to accusations might be in order.

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Cattle Decapitation - "Manufactured Extinct"
Ghost - "Cirice"

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