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Dave Wyndorf of Monster Magnet guests this week. We talk about the rise and fall of Monster Magnet, from having a super radio hit to hardly selling any albums, the way the industry monetizes artists and thereby lessens the value of art, getting older and realizing what it means to have longevity, and the pitfalls of rock and roll in general. His candid perspective is unique and Dave does not mince words for those in power.

We also discuss last week's Motorhead show in Austin, where Chuck witnessed first-hand the illness that caused Lemmy's shortened performance. We discuss the crowd reaction while giving him the respect he deserves. Is this the beginning of the end for one of rock's most important icons? No matter what we hope to have him around for many more years, but it might be time to set up a residency or something.

Monster Magnet - Watch Me Fade
Motorhead - Till the End

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