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This week Michael Sweet of the legendary Christian metal band Stryper joins us to talk about his new album and the history of the band. Whenever anything remotely Christian comes up, Godless gets to flex his Atheist muscles. They discuss Sweet’s relationship with God after suffering through so much tragedy in his life, his departure from God and his ultimate return, and how that effects the band to this day. We learn about his time with Boston, his relationships with his children and so much more.

We also invited Doc Coyle back to "Reject the Sickness" of Vince Neilstein himself on the treatment of certain mainstream metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch on the website. Is it acceptable to trash bands when they are allegedly doing good things for metal? Is it justified to keep pushing negative opinions of bands who are just trying to do their thing?

Stryper – "Big Screen Lies"
Megadeth – "Fatal Illusion"

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