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Daniel Tompkins lead singer of TesseracT guests this week, bringing us insight into his decision to return to the band, what it was like to reclaim his spot in a band that's taking off, what the changing sound of the band means for fans, how they react to those changes and how he copes with the shrinking opportunities for bands in the industry today.

Chuck and Godless discuss the ballsy decision of Ne Obliviscaris' drummer Daniel Presland to quit a six-figure job to continue with the band and go on a world tour. Is this dude insane? Is he sacrificing stability and security for what is probably a futile pipe dream, or is he the gutsiest guy playing in a metal band today? Many bands we talk to have to be able to bridge music and day jobs to survive, but are they just selling their music short by telling us they they're not really good enough to quit their day job?

Tesseract - "Messenger"
Windhand - "Crypt Key"

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