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Our guest this week rounds out the Big Four of metal interviews for the podcast! Kirk Hammett of the mighty Metallica gives us some time to talk about his life, how he keeps his work and life in balance, how he keeps his schedule in line, how he views happiness and success -- both personally and within the band -- and why he decided to start a company to make boutique guitar pedals.

We also argue about the best Metallica songs while trying to figure out which of their song to play this episode, and we discuss the Florida police officer who was fired for his singalong at a Vital Remains concert. In an effort to embrace his community the Chief of Police for Sanford County in Florida got rid of an officer who embraced part of their community. Was he correct? We talk, you decide!

Metallica - "Orion (Live)"
Devin Townsend Project - "March of the Poozers (Live)"

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