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John Baizley of Baroness guests this week. We've been looking forward to talking with John for a while, and with the release of Purple we talk about the new members of the band, how that affected the writing process, getting back on the road after the horrific bus crash that nearly ended their lives, the impact the crash had on John's everyday life, his struggle with pain and his response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

We also talk about whether or not guys that are in bands should be managers of others bands. In a recent interview, Rob Dukes (former singer for Exodus) criticized Chuck Billy for having a conflict of interest by managing Exodus and being the singer of Testament. Could that lead to mismanagement by favoring his own band? Or is it beneficial to have someone with that kind of experience doing your bidding? Do you have to trust your management no matter what?

Baroness - "Shock Me"
Vision of Disorder - "Heart of Darkness"

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