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Tommy Rogers, lead singer and multi instrumentalist for Between the Buried and Me, guests on the podcast this week. We talk about the challenges and fears of the road, being the father of a young son, bringing his family on tour, how family has changed his writing process, working with the same guys for so long and where BTBAM's latest album Coma Ecliptic fits into the band's legacy (and how it might dictate their future output).

We also try and figure out where Jeremy Wagner of Broken Hope got the cash to buy so many of Jeff Hanneman's guitars. Did he have thousands of dollars just laying around? Or is he looking at this as an investment into his future? We also look ahead to next week's "Best of 2015" episode and start the chatter about our favorite records of the year.

BTBAM - "The Coma Machine/Dim Ignition"
Pyramids - "I Have Four Sons, All Named for Men We Lost to War"

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