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Back by popular demand, "One Minute to Midnight," in which veteran musician and producer Eyal Levi lends his ear and expertise to two unsigned bands who submitted music for us to pick apart. We give Hasta La Muerte and With Silent Eyes some creative direction and tips and tricks that could make their music better. 

Last week Derek Brewer of Outerloop Management wrote an Op-Ed piece for MetalSucks on Thy Art is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon's claim that he wasn't making enough money to live on. We invited Derek on the show to talk a little more in depth about the budgeting numbers he listed, why they' don't apply to everyone and what you can really expect as a growing band out there on the road.

In light of Myrkur mastermind Amalie Bruun's decision to cut her social media presence due to death threats from, as she puts it, "mainly American men," we discuss why these men might have problems with women, or at least women who somehow threaten their sexuality and dominance over the music industry. Are our collective penises so small we need to assault all that we don't like with violence? Why are some of us so obsessed and feel the need to take it to that level?

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - "Deathbed"
The Anchor - "The Ghost Inside Makes Sheppard's Pie"

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