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Dez Fafara puts in his second appearance on the podcast. DevilDriver's new record Trust No One will be the first in a decade with new personnel playing and writing music for the band. We talk in depth about Dez's work ethic, his view of the lineup changes, what that means for this album and the band going forward and how his attitude changes without negative influences working against him.  

We also get to hear David Draiman go after a fan in the audience who he claimed was texting the entire show. Although the woman says she was texting her scared daughter, and Draiman apologized, was he in the right for calling out someone for not paying attention to the show? Or is he in the dark about how audiences operate in the new world order? The time may be here to put away the phones, stop texting at shows and experience the reality of... reality.

DevilDriver - "Daybreak"
Architects UK - "A Match Made In Heaven"

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