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Author Dayal Patterson guests this week on your favorite metal podcast to give us a lesson in underground black metal; his book Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Vol I will come out via Decibel press this month (order here). We wanted to find out more about the significant evolutions in black metal that came from its controversial origins. We all know black metal can be a very secretive genre of music, sometimes by design, other times by accident, and what Dayal has done to get artists to expose themselves to the world is unrivaled in this underground scene. Beyond the mythos and the big stories of burning churches and murders, who are the people involved and what is the story of the music they made that created a movement that's lasted over 30 years?

We also explore Havok's woes on getting booted from their tour with Megadeth, either by Dave Mustaine or his son Justis Mustaine -- the story isn’t crystal clear -- after they refused to sign a management contract with Mustaine Management. We try to make sense of the controversy for you, or at least tell you what the right opinion should be. (Hint: Ours.) Of course, we disagree about how it was handled and who was at fault. And someone gets a round of applause that you would never expect.

Solefald – "Jernlov"
Metallica – "Hardwired"

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