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This week we talk to Mix Master Mike of The Beastie Boys. We discuss his upcoming tour with Metallica, his stint touring with the Axl Rose-led version of Guns N' Roses (before Slash and Duff rejoined) and the terrible reception he received, his love of metal throughout his career, the difference between scratching records and modern day DJs, the story behind how he got involved with the Beastie Boys, and some tales of their legendary live shows.

Brandon and Petar have short attention spans, so we tackle the first four months of metal in 2017 and name five albums you need to listen to before the summer starts. We delve into why each records mean so much to us, the reason they are all potentially albums of the year, and why you should check these out before the summer storm of album releases.

Havok - “Intention to Deceive”
The Obsessed - “Punk Crusher”
Pallbearer - “I Saw The End”
Final Drive - “Six Feet Down”
Darkest Hour - “In the Name of Us All”

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