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This week we hit a milestone with Episode #200! We catch up with the first guest that ever graced the podcast, Valient Himself of Valient Thorr, to talk to us about being on Warped Tour, the band's efforts to create new fans on a festival geared towards youth, his unhappiness with the way the band's latest album Old Salt was handled by Napalm Records and more.

We also connect with the forefathers of The MetalSucks Podcast, Chuck and Godless to discuss the genesis of the podcast, their favorite and least favorite interviews, and the “white whale” guest we'd love to have.

Finally we talk to Vince Neilstein over at the MetalSucks Mansion about the past four years of podcasting, ten years of MetalSucks, his most memorable podcast moment, and if we ever made a bit that embarrassed him.

Don’t miss the celebration and the THANKS to all that helped us reach this milestone!

Valient Thorr - “No Count Blues”
Valient Thorr - “Mirakuru”

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