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We catch up with Slipknot founder Clown to discuss the theatrical release of Day of the Gusano, an upcoming documentary about Slipknot fans in Mexico. We also talk about the importance of the visual artistry behind Slipknot, the difficulty of editing a live show with nine guys in the band, the roar a foreign crowd brings and how American audiences compare, the way he would like to present a double concept album with Slipknot, his experiences as a director with Officer Down, and a little trip down memory lane with One Minute Silence.

Brandon and Pete dissects the last four months of metal and give you their five choices for albums you need to hear before the summer is over. With only four months to go and the top 15 albums of 2017 on the horizon, the boys help you out with some gold you may have overlooked.

Loviatar - "Discordant (Stygian Wyrm Part 2)"
Goatwhore - "Mankind Will Have No Mercy"
Beastmaker - "Of God’s Creation"
Dead Cross - "Obedience School"
Decapitated - "Kill The Cult"
Byzantine - "Vile Maxim"

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