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Legendary drummer Dave Lombardo returns to the MetalSucks Podcast this week to discuss Dead Cross, his new collaboration with Mike Patton. Lombardo waxes ecstatic about Bill Ward’s inclusion of Dead Cross's debut as one of the best albums of all time, talks about performing and recording with Fantomas, which recordings throughout his career he is the most and least happy with, his opinion of the reunited Misfits, how the timing for Suicidal Tendencies worked out and more.

Petar and Brandon tackle Devin Townsend’s proposed 10 million dollar symphony about dicks and vaginas, tackle their feelings about the reactivated Carnivore A.D., and much more!

Dead Cross - "Shillelagh"
Dead Cross - "Seizure and Desist"
Spotlights - "Learn to Breathe"

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