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Emperor guitarist Ihsahn returns to the podcast this week to discuss his latest solo record Amr. He also tells us why a new Emperor album doesn’t make sense, how money and fame dictated peoples' views in the early days of black metal, his views on the crimes associated with the early black metal movement, the way Americans view those same crimes, his feelings on sharing the stage with Faust and Samoth in 2014, and how holding extreme viewpoints in your youth makes you grow up fast.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn follow the interview this week with a discussing of some of Ihsahn’s comments including his relationship with Faust, the difficulty of truly understanding perspective, and much more.

Ihsahn - “Arcana Imperii”
The Absence - “Misery Trophies”

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This week our guest is Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot. We discuss their new album The Shadow Theory, how Lauren Hart of Once Human (who guests on the new record) performed her first show with the band opening for Iron Maiden, how Kamelot made it into the Olympics, recent lineup changes, the reason he choose to film in the Netherlands for their upcoming live DVD and more.

Petar, Brandon, and Joz get super excited about the recently-announced sequel to The Devil’s Rejects, talk about Crematory’s drummer bullying his fans into buying their record and speculate what a solo show by Clown of Slipknot might look like.

Kamelot - “Raven Light
Kobra and the Lotus - “Losing My Humanity”

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This week we get to chat with BTBAM vocalist Tommy Rogers about latest the band's latest record, Automata 1, the reason behind the decision to release this record in two parts (Automata 2 is out in June), the process of making music with his bandmates, why concept records work so well for BTBAM, which of his albums is his most personal, the importance of North Carolina to the bands sound, the way he found his voice through the records, covering Chris Cornell early on in his career, and how lucky they are to be a band that truly gets along with one another.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn also tackle the sad news of Tommy Lee getting knocked out by his son and the social media fight that followed, Fred Durst directing a film with John Travolta, Slash making a new solo record instead of a new Guns N' Roses record, and their feelings regarding Tool's choice of producer for their new album.


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Will Haven guitarist Jeff Irwin is our guest this week. We discuss the band's new record Muerte (out March 23rd), how the band functions and makes decisions these days, their evolution and three distinct chapters of their career, their debut album El Diablo turning 21 years old, the crucial role dark and angry art plays in his life, the possibility of a live album in the near future and growing up in the '90s.

Meanwhile Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn talk about Izzy Stradlin's new book and his decision to walk away from Guns N' Roses reunion money, the Taake tour cancellation due to pressure from antifa, antifa’s effect on the metal scene as a whole and much more.

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