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Trevor Strnad is back on the show to discuss the new Black Dahlia Murder album, Verminous. We tackle the vampire-related lyrical themes of the record, how it's easy to trace the new elements on each of the band's albums that helped them evolve to the next era, the myriad easter eggs on Verminous, and Ritual landing on many best-of-the-decade lists. We also discuss the power Bram Stoker’s Dracula has on women in particular, the greatness of actor Bill Paxton, Trevor's love of Symphony X and power metal, the danger of revisiting movies that you loved as a kid, and how today's films don't have the same cult impact they once did.

Petar and Brandon dish on Tommy Lee thinking the Mötley Crüe summer tour will still happen, our thoughts on what has to occur in order for that to be the case, and what the risks of doing a tour that soon would be.

Songs: The Black Dahlia Murder - “Verminous" and “Child of Night," and Allegaeon - “Roundabout” (Yes cover)

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