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On our final episode of the year, we continue our Best of 2021 recap (stream part 1 here), revealing our top 5 albums of the year and chatting with some of the artist that made our list, including Chevelle's Pete Loeffler, Zao's Scott Mellinger and members of Green Lung. Don’t miss out on celebrating the music that left the biggest impression on us and broke through all the noise of 2021. Until next year, friends... thank you for every minute you gave us, and we are excited to jump back into it in 2022!

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2021 is almost behind us, so this week on The MetalSucks Podcast we celebrate all the hope and despair that our favorite artists gave us in a year of comebacks and the new normal we collectively felt. We play one track from every record we loved and praise those artists for giving us music that has been unforgettable. Please join us in celebrating the first half of our top 15 albums of the year and gain some insight into those releases through featured interviews with some of the artists that brightened and enlightened, connected to us from a distance, and channeled all the emotions that remind us we are human.

Thank you to our sponsor, Metal Blade Records, for their continued support!

Jami Morgan from Code Orange is back on the show! We discuss the recent standalone single "Out For Blood," his perspective on the growing importance of singles in rock and metal, the reality of having to create new music faster in the current landscape, how being a frontman is more exhausting than being a drummer, Max Portnoy becoming a full time member of the band, why he feels Code Orange are in it for the long game and how they are intentionally polarizing.

Petar and Brandon tackle the police raid of Marilyn Manson’s home and seizure of his hard drives, The Word Alive befriending the thieves who stole their gear, and John Cooper of Skillet calling Rage Against The Machine “government rock.”

Songs: Code Orange - “Out For Blood," Daxma - “The Clouds Parted”

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