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The latest episode of your favorite metal podcast is absolutely crucial for every Metallica fan. This week marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest losses in metal history, the untimely death of Cliff Burton. We wouldn’t normally commemorate an artist on their death date, but it really is stunning that three decades after the tragic bus accident on September 27, 1986, we still compare metal bass players to Cliff. We took the opportunity to talk to Joel McIver, author and biographer, who has released several books on Metallica including To Live Is To Die: The Life And Death Of Metallica's Cliff Burton, which has been recently updated. We talk about Cliff’s influence on metal, we discuss how fans to this day are affected by his influence even without knowing it, and Joel gives us more details about the events surrounding the fatal bus crash in Sweden.

We also are very honored to interview Cliff’s father Ray Burton. We talk about who Cliff was as a child, how he saw himself in the world of metal, the loss of his brother at the age of 13, the decision to start playing bass, his experience with Metallica and how his loss affected the family.

Take the opportunity to listen to Cliff's music and realize how advanced his songwriting and playing really was.

Metallica – "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)" / "Whiplash"

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Our guest this week on your favorite metal podcast was suggested to us by none other than Chris Adler of Lamb of God back when he was on the podcast last year, although we have been fans of Allegaeon for quite a while outside of that endorsement. In our interview with guitarist Greg Burgess we talk about trying to top what you think is your best work, the shuffling of the staff around the band, manager and booking agent and why they needed to make a change, what surrounded the shift in singers for their new record Proponent for Sentience, and we find out how much it costs to get Bill Nye in your music video.

We also discuss the non-beef beef that came up this week between Born of Osiris guitarist Born of Osiris and The Acacia Strain's Vincent Bennett. What appeared to be drunk Tweets got serious when the metal media paid it some attention. Are we taking ourselves too seriously? Drunk Tweets are just drunk Tweets, right? Even if you are picking a fight with someone who doesn’t even know why you are fighting with them in the first place. When a band feels they have to diffuse a situation as the first reaction to something that can be attributed to an over-the-limit BAC level, maybe we need to adopt a sense of humor. Let’s just apologize now for our discussion too while we’re at it.

Allegaeon – "All Hail Science"
Steve N Seagulls – "Symphony of Destruction"

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You might know Richard Christy as a cast member of The Howard Stern show, but metalheads know him as being a badass drummer with Death, Control Denied, Iced Earth, and now Charred Walls of the Damned. In our in-depth interview we spend a lot of time talking about that history, his relationship with Chuck Schuldiner, the story of Death and the end of the band, how he approaches the drums, and what Charred Walls of the Damned means to him in his very busy schedule. Christy has been a vital part of not one but two crucially important and disparate cultural icons, Death and The Howard Stern Show; how did he do it? We dig in.

Also this week we praise ICP followers for being the most dedicated fans of all time. Cutting one's finger off to pay tribute in a ritual salute to a fallen Juggalo is the most metal thing we have heard a fan of any genre of music doing in twenty years. Boredom and Faygo can be a dangerous mix.

Charred Walls of the Damned – "The Soulless"
Alcest - "Oiseaux de proie"

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The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman guests this week on your favorite metal podcast, and we decided to make this the definitive interview about the impending split of the band. He and drummer Billy Rymer were willing to discuss the decision in depth with us, what it means to them to make a choice to quit at the top of their game, who ultimately raised the idea of breaking up, whether there's a chance it might be a fluke or snap decision, where they plan to go from here, ... we asked every question about the breakup of the band from every angle we could think of. We also dive a little deeper into Ben’s personal life, and ruin him for any other podcasters out there. Sorry, guys.

We also play the new song from In Flames figure out where we've heard the chorus before (hint: it was a big hit in 2001). Once you hear it, you won't be able to un-hear it! The "original" is not just an obscure track, it comes from an album that is listed as one of the top Nu-Metal albums you must own. Coincidence? Are In Flames surrounded by sycophants? Or has the overprotection of new material by an artist fearing the leaking of a new track... backfired?

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