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This week Axl spends some time with Mark Hunter as the new Chimaira album is ready to drop, discussing Hunter's country music upbringing, the metamorphosis of the old lineup of Chimaira into the new lineup, the writing of the new album and more, and we also listen to another new Chimaira song. Chuck covers his Summer Slaughter and Black Sabbath experience in all of their glory, and Godless found "The Varg" to read you some of his poetic blog entries. We also get you a new tune from All Pigs Must Die because it should be on your short list or you'll really be missing out.


Chimaira - Transmigration/Crown of Phantoms

All Pigs Must Die - Silencer

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This week Vince has a chat with Misha from Periphery, in which, after discussing the band's early days and how the lineup came together, Vince and Misha rap about the current state of the metal industry, crowd-funding, what record labels are doing wrong what they're doing right. Misha even put pants on for this one. We also discuss (and defend) Varg Vikernes after his release from jail, how Altar of Plagues is ruining it for everyone and how Carcass rule all things metal. We run long, so only a couple of songs this week:


Periphery - Scarlet

Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol

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This week Axl finishes off his Luc Lemay interview with details about the new album Colored Sands, we examine the first rounds of the "Most Needlessly Shat Upon Bands" bracket, we talk about our missed interview with Chris Barnes, Ben Weiman's superhuman return to Dillinger just in time for the Summer Slaughter tour and whether Banjo should be a metal instrument. Of course we couldn't skip the empty amp cabinet controversy either.


Revocation - Invidious

MachineHead - Beautiful Mourning

Gorguts - Le Toit du monde

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This week Axl interviews Luc Lemay from Gorguts, we discuss the need for a memoir from someone other than Randy Blythe, Iron Maiden Beer sells one million pints (we are still waiting on our keg), and the MetalSucks Most Needlessly Shat Upon Band Bracket gets examined.


Gorguts - "Forgotten Arrows"
Autopsy - "Mangled From Below"
Hellyeah - "Alcohaulin' Ass"

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This week's guest comes straight from planet Venus: Valient Thorr's Valient Himself. We chat over tea, about growing up nerdy, metal concerts, the new record and how he is a sexy bitch. We also discuss the importance -- or lack there of -- of album covers in the modern age, the best albums of 2013 so far, and jam new tracks by DevilDriver and Norma Jean!

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