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This week we talked to Stavros Giannopoulos of The Atlas Moth. We discuss Coma Noir, their first first record in four years, which comes out February 9th via Prosthetic (pre-order). We also talk about how Joe Duplantier from Gojira almost produced the record, Stavros's love for the lyrics on Metallica’s Load album, the future of the Twilight project, he current relationship with Blake Judd, the decision to sign with Prosthetic Records and how Chris Jericho turned real-life heel on Stavros.

Petar and Brandon discuss the end of Slayer, the final tour not having Dave Lombardo, if we feel these will truly be Slayer's final shows and the next band that we think will retire from the Big 4.

The Atlas Moth - “Galactic Brain”
The Atlas Moth - “Coma Noir”

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John tells us about his new live record It’s Alive (out January 25th; pre-order here), how he and his bandmates challenge each other during live shows, how much improvisation happens when recording, how he names instrumental tracks, the obstacles he faced when arriving in L.A. to follow his dream, the 20th anniversary of Mechanical Animals and an update on the latest album from Rob Zombie.

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We discuss the band's new album World Down, his passion for classic horror films, going on tour for three weeks after breaking his ribs on stage, his solo project and how some of those songs become Tribulation songs, the expectations he has for every record, his goals in life and more.

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We discuss what fans can expect from the band's new album, the absence of Mario and David from this recording cycle, finding the groove with new musicians in the studio, his thoughts on clean singing, what makes a guitar solo truly special, his favorite unsung guitarists in modern thrash and his passion for the road and being a metal lifer.

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