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The mercurial, supremely talented Julie Christmas calls in this week. We discuss the upcoming North American tour for Mariner (her collaboration with Cult of Luna), her career as an educator, her past musical endeavors with Made Out of Babies and Spylacopa, her love of novelist Cormac McCarthy, the possibility of future work with Cult Of Luna, and which record in her catalogue would make a great starting point for new fans.

Brandon and Pete talk about the Dio hologram tour and discuss whether the name change from Devil You Know to Light this Torch will hurt their brand. 

Cult of Luna/Julie Christmas - “Cygnus”
Julie Christmas - “July 31st

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Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree -- whose fifth solo album To the Bone comes out on August 18th -- is our guest this week. We discuss how social media is anti-social, the abuse and criticism people give artists' work without even listening to it, the loss of ambitious music and the fear of change in the mainstream, how the underground maintains the arts and much more.

Brandon and Pete discuss the tragedy of Chester Bennington, the disrespectful comments that followed, how being a fan shouldn't give you license to be disrespectful, and the unanswerable questions we're left with following a successful artist's suicide.

Steven Wilson - "Pariah"
Steven Wilson - "The Same Asylum As Before"

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Legendary Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne is our guest this week. We discuss the last time he had a regular job, his philosophy on how to be truly successful in life, his take on getting a college education in America, how important it is to find the right person to share your life with, plenty about his various musical projects and much more.

Meanwhile, Brandon and Petar find a truly great politician to oppose Kid Rock’s Senate run, discuss why the recently-announced grunge musical hurts our feelings, and ask a timeless question: are there any good Juggalo stories out there that don't involve someone brandishing an axe, like this week’s debacle?


Melvins - “Christ Hammer”
Crystal Fairy - “Chiseler”
Dale Crover - “Little Brother”

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Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore is our guest the week. We discuss the band's latest album, Vengeful Ascension, his hobbies of cave exploration and deep sea diving, the current state of the world, calling black metal “catchy" and a few words about Soilent Green.

Brandon and Petar discover a new version of the bible by Blameless Dave Mustaine, and Pete shares a tale of when he first saw Goatwhore and the hijinks that followed. 

Goatwhore - “Mankind Will Have No Mercy”
Goatwhore - “Chaos Arcane”

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Byzantine vocalist/guitarist Chris “OJ” Ojeda is our guest this week. We discuss the band's recent move to Metal Blade Records, their upcoming album The Cicada Tree, OJ's personal experience with the opioid epidemic in the band's native West Virginia, how he balances touring and family life... and, of course, no interview with Byzantine would be complete without a discussion of the catchphrase “Nobody Beats The Byz."

Brandon and Pete shine light on a “Real Hero of Metal” and talk about the latest Rammstein show, the amazing poop-throwing story Every Time I Die's Andy Williams sharedthe Jenner sisters' mind-boggling shirt design and much more.

Byzantine - “New Ways to Bear Witness”
Byzantine - “Trapjaw”

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