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Every Time I Die screamer Keith Buckley guests this week on the podcast! We find out about his favorite karaoke song, his cover band, the gauntlet of summer tours, and why ETID's new album, From Parts Unknown, is their best yet. Chuck and Godless also discuss the recent onslaught of ex-singers returning to bands, and whether or not TesseracT and Exodus can benefit from these reunions the way Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have. Plus, if you are in a band and your record gets a bad review, do you a) be a dick to the guy who wrote the review b) STFU about it and just be satisfied that people are talking about your record at all, or c) find a happy medium?

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This week, guitarist Nick Hipa goes on the record about Tim Lambesis, the demise of As I Lay Dying, and the rise of Wovenwar, his new band with the other former members of AILD. The chat went so long, this episode is pretty much dedicated solely to the interview!

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This week, guest Michael Amott discusses the new Arch Enemy record War Eternal, the transition from vocalist Angela Gossow to Alissa White-Gluz, and his decision not to continue with Carcass after their reunion tour a few years back.

Chuck and Godless also discuss the arrest of Roadrunner Records signees King 810 and BTBAM's statement that they'll never play their pre-Colors material again. 


Arch Enemy - "Never Forgive, Never Forget"

Septicflesh - "Order of Dracul"

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Ice T is our special guest this week: Axl gets to chat with the actor, rapper and frontman for Bodycount, the latter of whom has their first album in eight years coming out soon. Ice and Axl talk about making the new record, the state of race in metal, working with Jamey Jasta and more.

Chuck and Godless invite MetalSucks Senior Editor Anso DF to talk about upcoming changes to the site including a new feature called "Friday Five" that will debut on June 20th. We also discuss the toxicology report on Dave Brockie's death and how it made us all disappointed and sad.

Body Count - "Talk Shit, Get Shot"
Opeth - "Cusp of Eternity"

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Herman "Eddie" Hermida, the new lead singer of Suicide Silence, guests this week on the podcast. He talks about the difficulties of coming into the band after the death of Mitch Lucker, his role in taking over the helm, why leaving All Shall Perish was not as easy as just saying goodbye, and his experiences with both bands.

Chuck and Godless ponder what the GwarBar will look like, if they're going far enough with the idea (how about a Gwar Theme Park??), whether or not you can have a restaurant with broad appeal when considering some of the extreme imagery of the band, and what other bands might be able to pull off a similar thing. Chuck also remixes the new Judas Priest song into something more Priest-y.

Suicide Silence - "Cease to Exist"
Judas Priest - "Redeemer of Souls"

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