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This week we talk with John Kevill of Warbringer. He discusses the long delay between records, the starting-over process that occurred between album cycles and the direction of the latest record Woe to the Vanquished. We also get into his knowledge of history and his take on the current era -- the best time to be alive, according to him -- and he throws down an epic Arnold monologue per our request.

Brandon and Petar introduce you to Brent Hinds' new fast food restaurant, tackle the Harlott vs. Slayer similarities and break down the argument of plagiarism vs. homage, and discuss why Tool joining streaming services so late may work in their favor. 

Warbringer - “Silhouettes”
Warbringer - “Remain Violent”

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This week we have legendary Bolt Thrower vocalist Karl Willetts on the show to discuss his new project Memoriam. We talk about his approach to lyrics on Memoriam's new album For the Fallen, which Bolt Thrower songs they plan on playing live, what he envisioned when he decided to create a new band, the decision to end Bolt Thrower after Kiddie’s passing, and what newer bands he's digging.

Brandon and Petar find a company that helps out the unappreciated bass player, discuss James Hetfield’s recent comments about “Escape," talk about Marduk and their statement on the Oakland concert cancellation, Judas Priest not being metal according to Brent Hinds, Steve Tucker's promises that new Morbid Angel will be death metal, and the new Baroness/Neurosis punk cover tribute band.

Memoriam - "Reduced to Zero"
Memoriam - "Surrounded (By Death)"

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This week we interview Mike Schleibaum from the mighty Darkest Hour. We talk about the new record Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora, what producer Kurt Ballou brought to the table, the crowdfunding campaign behind the record (and how scary it was to make the decision to try it), the tenth anniversary of Deliver Us and how to mobilize the youth with music in this day and age.

Brandon and Petar talk way too much about Overdose of AIDS, Wes Scantlin’s latest rant, if Juggalos can became a prison gang, the next move for Suicide Silence after the crash in album sales, At The Gates losing Anders Björler, and we take our guesses about what's coming up in the current 25 Most Important Metal Bands of the '90s countdown on MetalSucks.

Darkest Hour - “Timeless Numbers”
Darkest Hour  - “Those Who Survived”

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We talk to producer and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Will Putney about his band's new record The Great Collapse, his non-traditional role in the band, the writing process for the record and how being a third guitarist makes it less stressful to tour. We discuss which type of bands he prefers producing, his views on remixing and remastering older material, and his biggest success as a producer/musician.

Brandon and Petar tackle Otep's feud with the Butcher Babies, how metal cover albums usually don't end up being good (although DevilDriver’s "outlaw country" covers concept intrigues us), and the rumors of Ghost's frontman pulling an Axl Rose by firing all his bandmates and the possible effects it may have on the band's fans.

Fit For An Autopsy - “Heads Will Hang”
Fit For An Autopsy - “Iron Moon”

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This week we talk to Phil “Landphil” Hall from Iron Reagan. In addition to updates on all things Iron Reagen, Cannabis Corpse and Municipal Waste (including Iron Reagan's brand new album Crossover Ministry), he discusses what it’s like to see his likeness in a claymation video, his true “Fuck The Neighbor” tales, his favorite Troma movie and touring with Six Feet Under.

Meanwhile Brandon and Pete talk about James Hetfield's recent statement regarding the lack of bass on …And Justice For All, the beef between Of Mice and Men's Austin Carlisle and Trivium's Paolo Gregetto about vaccinations, Corey Taylor thinking he is qualified to write a book about politics, and the heinous black metal fan that upset Whitney Moore last week (with his version of the incident). 


Iron Reagan - “Fuck The Neighbors
Cannabis Corpse - “Mummified in Bongwater”
Municipal Waste - “The Art of Partying”

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