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Bill Kelliher of Mastodon calls in this week. We discuss the band's new album Emperor of Sand, being old and the hassle of playing music from a cloud, what his solo record would sound like, his bandmates' various side projects, how Mastodon decide on their setlist and much more.

Meanwhile Brandon takes the opportunity to ambush Pete’s interview skills, finding an awful bit Pete threw away and bringing it back from the dead. Then they check out the latest Linkin Park song and discuss Chester Bennington’s comments about wanting to punch people in the face. 

Mastodon - “Andromeda”
Mastodon - “Show Yourself”

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Local H recently won Metallica's "Hit the Stage" contest to become local openers on their tour, so we talk to frontman/guitarist Scott Lucas about their victory, the criticism they've received about not being a true local band, their recently completed "Two Balls and a Dick" tour and the ups and downs of being a music lifer.

Brandon and Petar tackle the weight of the Chris Cornell tragedy, discussing the complete surprise of his suicide and personal memories of his career. It’s a very emotional and personal episode as we honor a true irreplaceable icon.

Temple of the Dog - “Say Hello 2 Heaven”
Local H - “The One With Kid”
Local H - “City of Knives”

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In our interview with James Hart from Eighteen Visions, we discuss how the reunion of the band came to be, the writing of their new record XVIII, the Orange County music scene from which they came, the loss of bassist Mick Morris and the band's future plans.

In light of the allegations that Pentagram's Bobby Liebling physically harmed his mother, Brandon and Petar discuss when it's time to finally give up on a band due to its members' actions. They also share their opinions on the drama with The Faceless, Tool and A Perfect Circle giving up on 2017 for album releases, and contemplate if Pete is a “metal hipster."

18 Visions - “Crucified” 
18 Visions - “Oath”

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This week we interview Aaron Turner of Isis, Sumac, Mamiffer and Old Man Gloom. We discuss the end of Isis, his memories from the new live record, Live VII (out now on Ipecac), his journey with Hydra Head Records and his decision to release new music on the label after shutting it down in 2012, the recording process for the new Sumac record, and the art vs. business side of technology in music.

Brandon and Petar introduce the world to a new company called Jump into the Fired, tackle the comments made by Chino Moreno about not touring with Korn again, talk about the guy who was so angry at Suicide Silence he burned their album, and discuss pros and cons of retiring Nazi lyrics in the metal scene. 

Isis “Ghost Key” (Live)
With Our Arms To The Sun “Memory: The Drift”

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This week we talk to Mike IX Williams from Eyehategod. He discusses his recent liver transplant, the person that kept him together through the whole ordeal, the New Orleans heavy metal scene, surviving Katrina, the status of new music from Eyehategod, and all the times in his life he's cheated death.

Brandon and Petar introduce the world to a new dispensary, discuss Local H winning Metallica's local band contest, Guns N' Roses' massive earnings on their current world tour, The Agonist versus former vocalist Alissa White-Gluz, Ozzy's reunion with Zakk Wylde and much more.

Eyehategod - “Flags and CitiesBound”
Iced Earth - “Raven Wing”

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