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John Baizley of Baroness guests this week. We've been looking forward to talking with John for a while, and with the release of Purple we talk about the new members of the band, how that affected the writing process, getting back on the road after the horrific bus crash that nearly ended their lives, the impact the crash had on John's everyday life, his struggle with pain and his response to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

We also talk about whether or not guys that are in bands should be managers of others bands. In a recent interview, Rob Dukes (former singer for Exodus) criticized Chuck Billy for having a conflict of interest by managing Exodus and being the singer of Testament. Could that lead to mismanagement by favoring his own band? Or is it beneficial to have someone with that kind of experience doing your bidding? Do you have to trust your management no matter what?

Baroness - "Shock Me"
Vision of Disorder - "Heart of Darkness"

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Our guest this week rounds out the Big Four of metal interviews for the podcast! Kirk Hammett of the mighty Metallica gives us some time to talk about his life, how he keeps his work and life in balance, how he keeps his schedule in line, how he views happiness and success -- both personally and within the band -- and why he decided to start a company to make boutique guitar pedals.

We also argue about the best Metallica songs while trying to figure out which of their song to play this episode, and we discuss the Florida police officer who was fired for his singalong at a Vital Remains concert. In an effort to embrace his community the Chief of Police for Sanford County in Florida got rid of an officer who embraced part of their community. Was he correct? We talk, you decide!

Metallica - "Orion (Live)"
Devin Townsend Project - "March of the Poozers (Live)"

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This week Doc Coyle jumps in to talk to us, not about Rejecting Our Sickness, but about his new project Vagus Nerve. We have never really "interviewed" Doc on the podcast, so we take the time to talk to him about leaving God Forbid, his relationship with his brother, the experience of being in a band outside of God Forbid for the first time, how moving from one coast to the other has affected his life and, more importantly, his dating life.

We also talk about the situation in Paris; this kind of tragedy can change the entire world, and we speculate about what it might mean to the music industry and live music. We are all vulnerable when we are out seeing live shows, and we never really think twice about it; but should we? If we change our practices at venues are the terrorists winning? Or have we been naive all along?

Vagus Nerve - "Do You Know Who I AM"
Hegemon - "Interpreting Signs for War:Aruspicine"

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Professional wrestler and Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho guests this week. We unlock the secrets to his success, his philosophy for keeping all his projects in check, what it takes to be a rock and roll guy but keep his feet on the ground and, of course, what kind of hair care and skin products keep him looking so dapper. Plus we hear a song from his pet project Blood Divisions which also features members of Nasty Savage.

We also discuss a recent study which claims that folk metal is more misogynistic and racist than any other type of metal. Is the sub-genre really so exclusionary or is it just painting a picture of history and the time before time?

Blood Divisions - "Top of the Bill"
Good Tiger - "Where Are the Birds"

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This week the legendary Max Cavalera joins us for our first ever live podcast interview. We took some time before his show in Austin to talk about his philosophy on metal, working with guests on his albums, the formation of a path for himself after Sepultura, coming back together with his brother after such a bad split, and how his children use their coping skills versus what he had to do as a young child growing up when his father died.

We also cover Jill Janus and the strange circumstances surrounding her split -- and subsequent return -- to Huntress, what mental illness looks like and why the metal world is accusing us of talking about her only because she is a woman. Can metal commentators help themselves from name-calling and shaming? Not so much, but the double standard may not be quite what some people say when compared to other people with similar problems.

Soulfly - "Live Life Hard!"
Abigail Williams - "Will, Wish and Desire"

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