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We mark a year of podcasting with a double episode! Vince and Axl jump in to tell Chuck and Godless if they get to keep their jobs and discuss a recent post Vince made about bands taking risks. Should a band who has a signature sound experiment? Everyone's got a different opinion on the issue, and there's nothing like a bunch of metal snobs to tell dudes how to make music.

We also interview Matt Heafy of Trivium, right on the heels of canceling some tour dates and exchanging personnel. We get the scoop about the news, talk about the metal scene and why the brotherhood between metalheads has changed over the last few years.

Journalist Ryan Downey guests to talk about his recent, incredibly in-depth interview with Tim Lambesis. Ryan and Tim have been friends for years, and Ryan spent quite a bit of time putting together the piece prior to Lambesis' sentencing.

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Trivium - "No Way to Heal"
Austrian Death Machine - "Get Your Story Straight"

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Sam Dunn, director, producer, anthropologist and co-owner of Banger Films is our guest this week. He has become the de facto record-keeper for heavy metal, having produced Metal: A Headbanger's Journey, Metal Evolution, Global Metal and more focused documentaries about Iron Maiden, Rush and now Super Duper Alice Cooper. Sam tells us the history of a legend who so many of us know little to nothing about, and we pick his brain to find out who might be next, how he became a metal filmmaker and more.

We discuss the fascinating story of Vik Guitars founder Vik Kuletski, hating on gay people and headless guitars, whether a niche businessman can come out against an idea and lifestyle that is now in the mainstream, and whether those consequences are just. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but when you're selling $5,000 guitars can you afford to lose even one customer? We also hear the new Wovenwar and avoid talking about the sentencing of Lambesis, instead focusing on the damn catchy song the other members made without him.

Gwar - "School's Out"
Wovenwar - "Rise Up"

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Stavros Giannopoulos of The Atlas Moth guests on this week's episode... and so does his girlfriend, at least for a little bit. Stavros points out the flaws with dating ladies who are into metal, explains how measuring his metal dick is a pain, what it means to be a true Cubs fan, and yeah, he talks about the new record a little bit too.

Chuck and Godless weigh in on the chart success of Whitechapel's latest album; is this one of the heaviest releases to ever make the Top 10 in its first week? They aren't sure, but they definitely have an opinion about it.

The Atlas Moth - "Collider"
Black Anvil - "Still Reborn"

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Ben Falgoust, front-man for the almighty Goatwhore, guests this week after the band's appearance on the Metal Alliance Tour stop in Austin. We talk about the NOLA metal scene, his experience after his debilitating van wreck, Goatwhore's new album and his new favorite band Vallenfyre; we even get to see the new album artwork before anyone else does.

Chuck and Godless also discuss the announcement of a crowdfunded metal festival to be hosted in South Texas and why it may be a terrible idea, and how a promoter could help to ensure a successful fest in Texas (and the world, for that matter). Godless also reminds you to put your cell phone away at live shows after he smashed a few in the Dillinger Escape Plan pit on Saturday night.

Vallenfyre - "Scabs"
Agalloch - "Celestial Effigy"

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