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This week on our final show of 2018 we give you a special double episode as we celebrate some of the great music that left an impression on us in 2018, counting down our top 15 albums of the year. The poetry of sadness, the lovely brutality of our senses and the essence of joy and peace that heavy metal brings people like us daily -- we cover it all and gladly present our list of genuine and beautiful music that defined this year. Special guests Jori Apedaile (Eneferens), Will Walker (Graveshadow), Henry Derek Elis, Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) and Stavros Giannopoulos (The Atlas Moth) join us for quick chats. 

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Alan Robert, Life of Agony bassist and the creator of The Beauty of Horror - Ghosts of Christmas coloring book, is our guest this week. We discuss the initial idea behind the adult coloring book series as a way of completely dismantling Christmas, his history as a comic book artist and author even prior to joining Life of Agony, how Twitter helped him get his first comic book published, an update on the film version of his graphic novel Crawl to Me, the terrorist threat that recently lead to a Life of Agony’s show cancelation in Las Vegas, his memories of working with the late, great character actor Frank Vincent on Killogy, the importance of Peter Steele’s influence on the Brooklyn metal scene in the late '80s, and an update on the new Life of Agony record coming out in 2019.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn celebrate Phil Demmel’s text message invite to join Slayer, Dave Mustaine wishing for another Big Four show, and the reunion of Witchrot and resurrection of their dead drummer.

Life of Agony - “Right This Wrong”
BillyBio - “Rise and Slay”
Incite - “Built To Destroy”

Rob Trump of the political parody grindcore act Anal Trump joins us for a special in-between episode of The MetalSucks Podcast. The guitarist/bassist/drummer shares with us the origins of Anal Trump, his love for Anal Cunt as a catalyst, the inspiration Brujeria provided, how the charity angle became an important part of the project, his future vision for the band, if they will disband when Trump is out of office and the possibility of live shows on the horizon.

Anal Trump - “That Makes Me Smart”
Anal Trump - “All The Broads I’ve Nailed Before”
Anal Trump - “Thoughts”

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Sigh Mastermind Mirai Kawashima is our guest this week. We discuss why he felt listeners would dislike the band's new album Heir to Despair, what the critical reception has been like in reality, how his dislike for previous album Graveward influenced the new one, Phil Anselmo’s guest appearance on the new record and working with Necrophagia frontman Killjoy, why he choose to sing in his native tongue on Heir to Despair, his love for horror soundtrack composers and why a lot of touring doesn’t interesting him anymore. 

Petar and Brandon discuss Per “Dead” Ohlin’s skull fragment being placed up for sale, the best band break up of all time, Metallica releasing an acoustic record for charity, and our own experience watching Metallica perform this past week in Las Vegas.

Sigh - “Homo Homini Lupus”
Sigh - “Aletheia”

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