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Dino Cazares took a break from consuming young children to be our guest on the podcast one week ahead of the release of Fear Factory’s new album Genexus. While Godless goes a little gaga, we talked about the storied history of the band, the troubles with labels and producers and their struggles with the limelight and keeping band members happy. We also find out the fate of Divine Heresy and some of Dino's other projects.

We take another listener call about festivals, since that topic seems to be on the top of everyone's mind as they watch the downfall of the Mayhem Festival. We discuss whether any changes need to be made to some static festivals such as Maryland Deathfest, and whether changing the formula would give the appearance that they're "selling out." 

Fear Factory – "Dielectric"
Amorphis – "Death of a King"

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Philip H. Anselmo makes another appearance on this episode (he first joined us way back on episode sixteen!), right after his 47th birthday, and on the verge of taking Superjoint Ritual on a full tour for the first time in a decade. We talk about getting older and how it changes your perspective on conflicts with people, such as Tom G. Warrior and former band members. We also find out the status of his autobiography in the wake of the passing of his co-author and co-founder of the Housecore Horror Film Festival, Corey Mitchell.

Eyal Levi drops in for another segment of 'One Minute to Midnight,' in which unsigned bands get to be critiqued by a professional engineer, producer and all around talented dude. Event Horizon and Dissident Regressor are on the chopping block this month -- you can judge, or just listen to us tear them to shreds (actually, we attempt to help them make their music better)!

We also take another listener call and discuss who could make a good concept record (should Slipknot even contemplate trying to pull something like that off?), why Mayhem Fest founder Kevin Lyman had to apologize for calling metal "fat, old and bald," and more.


Superjoint Ritual - "Death Threat"
Miss May I - "I.H.E."

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Blake Harrison and Mark Sloan, the human portion of the parrot-fronted extreme metal band Hatebeak, guest this week on the podcast. We find out if they really think metal vocalists are obsolete, why this project should be taken seriously and why it probably shouldn't be at the same time. We learn about the collaboration's history and grill Blake about whether we'll have to wait another couple decades before the new Pig Destroyer album comes out (and if it will be a D00M album).

We take a listener question about streaming services and how bands make money via Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. Where does the money go? Why do those royalty checks for metal bands barely buy a happy meal let alone pay a mortgage?

Hatebeak - "God of Empty Nest"
Kataklysm - "Thy Serpents Tongue"

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The enigmatic Dani Filth makes us work hard for our money on this week's episode: we talk about the upcoming Cradle of Filth record, how imagery can shape the outcome of an album, creating good artwork, how he keeps the Cradle sound intact with a rotating cast of band members, and why you shouldn't illegally download music.

Senior MS Editor Anso DF stops by to bring some of the latest news stories into perspective. How do the stories of Cobalt's new lead singer, Morbid Angel's embarrassing public split and Inquisition getting picked for Knotfest all tie together? Anso helps us sort it out!

Cradle of Filth - "Deflowering The Maidenhead, Displeasing The Goddess"
Ramming Speed - "Don't Let This Stay Here"

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