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Daniel Tompkins lead singer of TesseracT guests this week, bringing us insight into his decision to return to the band, what it was like to reclaim his spot in a band that's taking off, what the changing sound of the band means for fans, how they react to those changes and how he copes with the shrinking opportunities for bands in the industry today.

Chuck and Godless discuss the ballsy decision of Ne Obliviscaris' drummer Daniel Presland to quit a six-figure job to continue with the band and go on a world tour. Is this dude insane? Is he sacrificing stability and security for what is probably a futile pipe dream, or is he the gutsiest guy playing in a metal band today? Many bands we talk to have to be able to bridge music and day jobs to survive, but are they just selling their music short by telling us they they're not really good enough to quit their day job?

Tesseract - "Messenger"
Windhand - "Crypt Key"

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Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney guests this week just as their new album Soul Sphere drops. We talk about the new album, growing up on the road, his relationship with the other band members and how that's changed over the years, how touring effects his private life and whether his skills as a guitarist enhance certain parts of his alone time.

We also listen to a bit of the new Protest the Hero song and discuss their decision to turn the industry on its head yet again with a subscription-based EP release. Is it a smart move to offer their fans something no one ever has, or will there be backlash for releasing just six songs in as many months?

Born of Osiris - "Resilience"
Zombi - "Pillars of the Dawn"

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This week Michael Sweet of the legendary Christian metal band Stryper joins us to talk about his new album and the history of the band. Whenever anything remotely Christian comes up, Godless gets to flex his Atheist muscles. They discuss Sweet’s relationship with God after suffering through so much tragedy in his life, his departure from God and his ultimate return, and how that effects the band to this day. We learn about his time with Boston, his relationships with his children and so much more.

We also invited Doc Coyle back to "Reject the Sickness" of Vince Neilstein himself on the treatment of certain mainstream metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch on the website. Is it acceptable to trash bands when they are allegedly doing good things for metal? Is it justified to keep pushing negative opinions of bands who are just trying to do their thing?

Stryper – "Big Screen Lies"
Megadeth – "Fatal Illusion"

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The timer at has run out, and we were able to get the show's creator Brendon Small on the line to talk about the big announcement. He wouldn’t tell us what happens to Murderface, but he gives us all the details on what happened with Adult Swim and their decision not to renew the show for the fifth and final season, the thought process behind the social media campaign to bring the show back, his progress with its production, the latest on Dethklok and what we will need to do to help get Metalocalypse back on the air to finish its epic story arc.

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This week the legendary Alex Skolnick of Testament joins us to talk shop about Metal Allegiance, his place in metal history, how his work ethic differs from his counterparts, the differences between the jazz world and the metal world, and what it meant to work with such a variety of musicians on a project like Metal Allegiance. We also find out when a new Testament record is coming!

Chuck and Godless talk about the variety of beefs between musicians that seemed to pop up this week. Many were between metal-ish bands like Motley Crue and Metallica, but we wonder whether or not it is healthy for ANY scene for this kind of dishing to be happening... or maybe it needs to be happening more? Who can we find to get angry with Dave Grohl? That guy is way too nice to everybody and someone must have a problem with him, right?!

Metal Allegiance - "We Rock"
Fit for an Autopsy - "Wither"

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