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This week the legendary Alex Skolnick of Testament joins us to talk shop about Metal Allegiance, his place in metal history, how his work ethic differs from his counterparts, the differences between the jazz world and the metal world, and what it meant to work with such a variety of musicians on a project like Metal Allegiance. We also find out when a new Testament record is coming!

Chuck and Godless talk about the variety of beefs between musicians that seemed to pop up this week. Many were between metal-ish bands like Motley Crue and Metallica, but we wonder whether or not it is healthy for ANY scene for this kind of dishing to be happening... or maybe it needs to be happening more? Who can we find to get angry with Dave Grohl? That guy is way too nice to everybody and someone must have a problem with him, right?!

Metal Allegiance - "We Rock"
Fit for an Autopsy - "Wither"

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